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In 2000 a group of seven potters from the Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation ceramic studio met to brainstorm on the idea of creating a pottery guild. The results of that first meeting was an ambitious plan that covered every aspect of their common vision - a non-profit guild supporting local clay artists.

Education supported by workshops and notable guest speakers was a high priority. The group felt that a sense of community would be helpful in supporting the many clay artists working in and around Silicon Valley. The Peninsula and the South Bay is home to many ceramic studios: private and public, city recreation departments, community colleges and state universities. The goal was to get everyone in one place to share ideas, experiences, solve problems and generally enjoy one another’s company. The result was the creation of a community known today as Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild.

The name was selected to honor Silicon Valley’s rich past of agricultural communities, farms and orchards and a history of people working with their hands.

Today there are over 90+ members including clay artists, corporate sponsors, students and patrons. The Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild presents many workshops throughout the year as well as annual sales of guild members' work. The public is encouraged and welcome to attend. All potters as well as those who are simply interested in developing an appreciation for the ceramic arts are always welcome.

The Art in Clay Show and Sale events showcase many of our member artists' work under one roof. The spring sale in April is located at the History Club of Los Gatos; and the fall event is in November at the Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto.

The Clay Carnival, usually located at Clay Planet in Santa Clara, is a full day of mini workshops. You can take part in up to 4 of the 8 offered sessions. Past topics included everything from the more technical side of Kiln Maintenance to the more artistic focused designs and techniques. Its a blast and a great opportunity to catch up with other clay community members and get inspired.

We would love to see you at these, or any of our upcoming events! We invite you to join our mailing list or become a member. As a member, each month you will receive our newsletter Muddy Hands. We welcome artists, collectors, corporate sponsors, students, and friends.

The Guild is a California non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation.
Donations to the Guild are tax deductible.


Board Position / Point of Contact Email   Board Member

Chairperson*  Jeannine Meidinger*
Vice Chairperson*   Lisa Molaro*
Treasurer* Cristina Chang*

Barbara Williams-Sheng*

Board of Director Emeritus   Linda Mau
Art in Clay (AIC) Sales Co-Chair 

Henriette Cons-Ponte

Art in Clay (AIC) Sales Co-Chair*  Gina Hausmann*
Clay Carnival / Workshops Chairperson TBD
Muddy Hands  Anita Clemetson*
Webmaster* Minoti Kundargi*
Full Board of Directors (indicated with *)  All Board Members

The Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild fosters a creative, innovative and supportive environment for the education of students, professionals and the public in the ceramic arts. The Guild is a California non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation. Donations to the Guild are tax deductible.


Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild

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